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Pharmacy Technician, Bureau of Public Health Clinics

Constituent Services & Community Programs with NYC Bureau of Public Health Clinics (BPHC)

Employment Type and Schedule Part-time

Salary $24.71 - $28.41 per hour

Work Location Queens

Last Updated Last updated on Apr 17, 2023

Description Description

Multiple Positions Available —

The Bureau of Public Health Clinics (BPHC) is under the division of Disease Control, comprising of four Tuberculosis clinics, and eight Sexual health clinics. One immunization clinic will join the bureau shortly.

The mission of the BPHC is to promote a healthy community by providing New Yorkers with the resources needed to make informed and empowered health decisions; identify and treat tuberculosis, and provide immunization and sexual health services regardless of ability to pay or immigration status.

The Bureau of PHC requests approval to hire a Quality Assurance Specialist I to function as a Pharmacy Technician.


• Manage medication inventory, including ordering, stocking/organizing to prevent mis-picks/medication errors, rotating stock to minimize expired products, proactively responding to drug shortages, maintaining appropriate stock levels of formulary medications, and oversee the disposition of expired products.

• Evaluate medication use trends to maintain appropriate par levels and maintain an adequate supply of medications regularly used, ensure removal of expired/damaged products in a timely manner, and resolve discrepancies.

• Organize medications for providers to dispense by reviewing medication orders; preparing medication labels and patient handouts; calculating medication quantities; delivering medication to providers; maintaining records of medication dispensing.

• Assist health care providers by addressing medication inventory questions and referring inquires to pharmacists.

• Maintain safe and clean pharmacy environment by complying with organizational medication management policies, procedures, applicable rules and regulations.

• Assist pharmacists with medication inventory audits and monthly medication reconciliation analysis.

• Maintain appropriate inventory records, including supplier invoices, as required by NYC DOHMH policy and state and federal regulations.

• Manage emergency supply inventory in emergency box, including ordering and maintaining adequate supply, accurately restocking, organizing to ensure consistent placement and uniformity, removal of expired/damage products, and performing monthly checks.

• Accurately prepare medications in unit of use containers for providers to dispense, ensuring correct labeling of medication, precise mixing of ingredients, and documentation as required by state regulations.

• Deliver medication to providers; maintain records of medication dispensing.

• Record refrigerator temperatures daily, ensuring that medications are stored at appropriate temperatures.

• Maintain medication refrigerator and room temperature logs per NYC DOHMH policy.

• Ensure patient confidentiality.

• Ensure all areas of the clinic are free from expired, adultered and recalled drugs by performing monthly quality checks.

• Performs competencies and assigned training prior to deadline.

• Complete professional continuing education as required by rules and regulations.

Requirements Requirements

1. A four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent approved by a State’s Department of Education or a recognized accrediting organization and four years of satisfactory full-time experience purchasing or inspecting, for the purpose of ensuring adherence to purchase or contract specifications, supplies, materials and/or products such as: paints, linoleum, hoses, sand, brick, wire, shades, hardware
and tools; plumbing, electrical machine shop, building and cleaning supplies; furnishings and furniture, lumber and wood related products; metals; equipment; foods, drugs, and chemicals; fuel; textiles; printing, stationary and other sundry items; or

2. A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, and one year of satisfactory full-time
experience as described in “1” above; or

3. A satisfactory combination of education and/or experience equivalent to “1” or “2” above. Undergraduate college credits may be substituted for experience on the basis that 40 semester credits from an accredited college or university may be substituted for each year of required experience. However, all candidates must have a four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent and at least one year of satisfactory full-time experience as described in “1” above.

Driver License Requirement: By the time you are appointed to this position, you must have a motor vehicle driver license valid in the State of New York. If you have moving violations, license suspension(s) or an accident record, you may be disqualified. This license must be maintained for the duration of your employment.

Application Instructions Application Instructions

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